About Art Centres

Artists Lavinia Ketchell, Jimmy Thaiday and Ellarose Savage in the studio at Erub Arts. Photo: Lynette Griffiths

A story place, place of people, a place of power - Djon Mundine OAM

Indigenous owned and governed Art Centres play an important role in remote Far North Queensland communities. IACA member Art Centres are spread across the islands of the Torres Strait, the Gulf of Carpentaria, Cape York and the tropical rainforest and coastal regions.

Art Centres are places of artistic and cultural expression, provide economic, employment and training opportunities, support the maintenance and transference of culture and create wellbeing and community pride.

The arts and crafts produced across Far North Queensland are unique and reflect the diversity of cultures, languages, stories and connections to country.

Art Centres facilitate the ethical production, distribution and sale of the artists’ artworks. All artworks are catalogued, with each record containing a photograph of the work, the story it conveys and associated information about the artist.

Buying arts and crafts from Indigenous owned and governed Art Centres ensures all proceeds from the sale of artworks are returned to the artists and their organisations.