Our Vision, Mission & Values


Supporting culturally strong best practice Indigenous art enterprises


Effecting sustainable growth through advocacy and long-term quality support for the development, marketing and promotion of Indigenous cultures, artists and art centres in Far North Queensland.

We do this by:

Listening, involving and working with members according to protocols.

Building capacity through:

  • Seeking funding and resources for projects and activities that support best practice and promotes the members.
  • Celebrating and promoting success and strengths.
  • Using research as a tool.
  • Encouraging career development and leadership opportunities.
  • Offering targeted training.
  • Fostering networks and partnerships.


Culture underpins all our work because we:

  • Nurture a culture of excellence
  • Secure and maintain the mandate of members
  • Value what people do
  • Celebrate the success of others
  • Balance cultural obligations and economic goals
  • Encourage innovative and bold decision-making
  • Ensure we are ethical, accountable and transparent in all our work.

Main image credit: Ku (Camp dogs) courtesy of Wik & Kugu Art Centre Photo: Michael Marzic



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