COVID-19 Industry Plan for Queensland Indigenous Art Centres

At the request of Arts QLD, IACA has developed a Covid-19 Industry Plan for Queensland Indigenous Art Centres.

The Plan is to be used in conjunction with their local government management plans and with consideration to all regulations, guidelines and directions of government and public health authorities.

The purpose of the Plan is to provide an overarching strategy for the implementation and management of procedures and any activities that Queensland Indigenous Art Centres undertake. The approaches that are set out in the plan are intended to manage the risk of Covid-19, to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 within IACA and its members, further extending to contractors, volunteers, visitors, families and the broader community.

The Plan provides a framework and practical guidelines around training & education, limiting visitor access, physical distancing, cleaning and sanitation for Indigenous art and cultural centres. The plan also includes advice on record keeping for contact tracing and reporting of Covid-19 cases, guidelines for on-site facilities, and checklists for; hygiene and cleaning, physical distancing, deliveries, contractors and visitors attending Art Centres.

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