Portrait photography exercise during the Northern Disclosure workshops. Image IACA Rebecca Dagnall

Northern Disclosure: inspirational workshops at Moa Art Centre

The tail end of 2019 saw the Northern Disclosure team of Rebecca Dagnall and Curtis Taylor facilitate workshops in photography and video making at Moa Arts. The workshops were a great opportunity to connect with community members who wouldn’t normally be involved in art centre projects and have resulted in some amazing digital media projects. Without pre-empting these works – you’ll see them in the IACA Belonging Exhibition in 2021 – what has become clear is just how deeply the currents of creativity run through the community.

The artists and Art Centre workers picked up a lot of great new skills, which they continue to use in their work today, however the real surprise was the natural ability of the community participants. Their appetite for learning was a joy to watch. They were so inspired by Rebecca and Curtis and the stories they wanted to bring to life, that nobody was in a hurry to leave at the end of the day, so the lights stayed on!

We saw stories about water and the tide, stories about weaving and community, stories about family and what it means to be a young person living in an island community. They were simple and honest stories, straight from the heart. The best kind of stories.

Main image credit: Portrait photography exercise during the Northern Disclosure workshops. Image IACA Rebecca Dagnall

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