Manggan – gather, gathers, gathering at Cairns Art Gallery

July 1st, 2018

The exhibition showcased the superbly handcrafted works by Girringun artists, displayed alongside collection objects and historic photographs from the South Australian Museum.  It provided a unique opportunity to view and engage with the distinctive Aboriginal rainforest art traditions and culture from the Girringun region.

As part of the exhibition, the artists’ ancestral tools traditionally used to make fire - Bagu (body) with Jiman (sticks) – were transformed into an iconic art form by the Girringun artists. Made from clay, timber, string and painted with ochre, these artworks evoked the spirit of the old people.

To complement the exhibition and as part of a public education program, Girringun artists Deborah Murray and Ninney Murray also ran a popular Mindi weaving workshop.