Orange Sky laundry vehicle with artworks by Lockhart River artist. Image Orange Sky Australia.

Lockhart River art traverses the globe

Artists from Lockhart River Art Centre have enjoyed a busy first half of the year, with their works traversing the globe - from Hobart, Cairns and Sydney all the way to Paris and Switzerland. Here are the highlights:

  • In January, the women artists at Lockhart River held a successful exhibition at Art Mob Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery in Hobart. Margery Accoom, Irene Namook and Manager Enoch Perazim all visited Hobart to attended the launch.
  • In February, Rosella Namok, Fiona Omeenyo, Irene Namok, Silas Hobson and Patrick Butcher Jnr attended a print workshop organised by KickArts Contemporary at TAFE Cairns.
  • In March, work by Silas Hobson was featured on the IACA wall at KickArts, and his painting featured on the front covers of both the March and June editions of Skytrans Inflight Magazine.
  • In April, Irene Namok’s paintings were exhibited in both the Suzanne O’Connell Gallery and the Art d Australia Gallery in Paris, as part of the Art Paris Art Fair. The Arts Paris Art Fair featured 142 galleries from 23 different countries. 
  • In an exhibition from May to June, Silas Hobson and Irene Namok launched an exhibition of works from Lockhart River at Art Atrium in Sydney.
  • Also in June, Lockhart works were featured in an exhibition at the Foundation Burkhardt-Felder Arts et Culture Museum in Switzerland. The exhibition features a permanent collection works from Lockhart River, Tiwi Islands, Elcho Island and Mornington Island. 

To top off this extraordinary schedule, reproduced artworks by Silas Hobson, Fiona Omeenyo and Rosella Namok, under copyright licensing agreement, are currently featured on the Orange Sky Laundry Services truck - the first mobile laundry vehicle unit to be stationed full time in Lockhart River. The vehicle is equipped with washing machines, dryers and a water reticulation unit. The vehicle services the Lockhart River community from Monday to Friday moving to different locations daily.

Main image credit: Orange Sky laundry vehicle with artworks by Lockhart River artist. Image Orange Sky Australia.

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