Indigenous Artsworker Training

In our continued mission to support economic development and culturally strong best practice Indigenous art enterprises, IACA is delivering an Artsworker training program to extend artsworkers professionally.

Thanks to the support of the Australia Council for the Arts Cherish Fund, starting in September 2020 and culminating in July 2021, IACA is delivering the pilot ‘IACA Indigenous Artsworker Program’ (IIAP).

The program is customised in the form of weekly online training with 2 hour sessions scheduled each Wednesday afternoon. Art Centre job roles are varied and involve a combination of highly specialised skills, the IIAP has been developed with this in mind so that the subject of each training module correlates to Art Centre job descriptions and real world practical applications.


This is what artsworkers in the IACA Network told us they wanted:



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