Fiona Omeenyo. Image: TAFE Cairns Photography

Artist in Profile: Fiona Ommenyo

Born in 1981, Fiona is one of the original Lockhart River Art members. Fiona paints ancestral spirits, and themes her other works on the parrot sisters story from her country. She developed her painting skills during the formative years of Lockhart River arts in the 1990’s, and has since established a solid footprint within Australia and the international art space.

After working as an independent artist for four years, Fiona renewed her membership with Lockhart River Art Centre in 2016. Fiona has exhibited extensively both solo and in Lockhart River group exhibitions since 2001, nationally and internationally in Germany, the USA, New Mexico, the UK, France and Italy. In 2018, Fiona’s works were exhibited in a permanent collection at La Grange Museum in Switzerland.

Fiona says, “The paintings I’m painting now are about traditional family. I still remember my home and country through my paintings even though we don’t have many elders or family with us these days to tell new stories. No matter where you go, I keep these stories and memories for a lifetime. I have four children, Franziska, Croyston, Ainsley and Waylon. I tell these stories about when I was little and it’s good for them to know. I tell them these stories so I don’t forget where they come from, and so that I can paint about them. It gives me great ideas on what I will paint.”

Main image credit: Fiona Omeenyo. Image: TAFE Cairns Photography

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