Art Centre Manager

Moa Arts/Ngalmun Iagau Minaral

Moa Arts Centre is looking for a new Art Centre Manager to support local artists to share their culture, through the creation of high quality traditional and contemporary art and crafts and derive an income from their creative endeavours.

The Manager is responsible for overseeing the many facets of the art centre’s daily operation and the ongoing success of its artistic programs and financial growth, which involve exhibitions, sales and marketing activities nationally and internationally.

Moa Arts supports a strong tradition of artistic endeavour and cultural practices on Mua Island in the Torres Strait. The Torres Strait Islands is a group of at least 274 small islands located in an area lying between the tip of Cape York and New Guinea to the north. The Coral Sea to the East and the Arafura Sea to the west make up its other natural borders.

Artistic inspiration is drawn from ancestral stories, totemic representation and connections to sea, land, sky and family.  Artists do not have to look far to be inspired.  The island and its surrounding waters and reefs provide a highly diverse set of land and marine ecosystems with niches for many rare or unique species such as Dugong and Sea Turtles. 

IACA is the non-profit peak industry body for the Indigenous art Centres of remote north QLD and the Moa Arts Board Of management have engaged IACA to assist them with the recruitment of their new Art Centre Manager. Find the information package along with the position description in the PDF below image.

Applicants are requested to submit written applications addressing the selection criteria to: Manager IACA  Applications must reach our office by 5:00 pm Friday 24 May 2019




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